By Catherine Dove 19 Jan, 2018

The Gogos team are excited to announce that we have been selected by the OpenTable diners for the Diners’ Choice Award this month! We’re so glad that our customers are enjoying their experiences at Gogos, from the mains to the cocktails to the desserts, and we look forward to providing excellent service throughout 2018.

By Catherine Dove 15 Jan, 2018

It's that time again, we are hosting our second Gin Club on  31st January!

This month we will be celebrating Cucumber! We all know how well it goes with a Gin & Tonic but  have you tried a variety of premium cucumber gins? This is your chance! The evening will begin with a brief history of gin production followed by an introduction to four of our chosen premium gins; The English Drinks Co Cucumber Gin, Hendrick's Gin Cucumber, Martin Miller's Gin and That Boutique-y Gin Company Cucamelon Gin.

Are you ready to see cucumber in a whole new light? It’s a night our team are really looking forward to, so come join us! We all need something to look forward to now Christmas is over so be sure to add this to your diary.

Join our Facebook group  here  to register your interest.

Keep your gin up boys and girls!

By Catherine Dove 11 Dec, 2017
By Catherine Dove 30 Nov, 2017
Every single day up until Christmas, we will be posting a fantastic daily deal, varying from 20% off all cocktails, to buy 1 get 1 free burgers! Each deal will only last 1 day, to be replaced by a brand new one the next morning! Make sure you and your friends are following our Facebook page so you don't miss out on some incredible Christmas offers. Our first deal will be posted tomorrow morning, so see you all soon!
By Catherine Dove 14 Nov, 2017

We are launching our very own Gin Club, similar to a book club but better!

We will kick off the evening with an introduction into the history of gin and the distillation process. Following this will be the exciting bit of tasting four specially selected gins, two of which we stock in the Shebeen bar; our  Malfy Gin  and our  Ginebra Puerto de Indias  Strawberry Gin. To end the evening we will be joined by  Fever-Tree  who will guide us through the pairings and the best serving suggestions for our gins.

We can't wait to see you there! Join our  Facebook Page  now to show your interest...

By Catherine Dove 09 Nov, 2017

Back in the early 19th Century the United States found themselves plagued by alcoholism which led to the 18th Amendment declaring alcohol illegal. With the moonshine being too strong on the tongue, bartenders created clever recipes to mask and mix the flavour of what they called pansies back then but now for us here in the 21st century, we have renamed them the ‘classic cocktail’.

So, on this night we celebrate the brave moonshiners and creative bartenders with a ‘classic cocktail’ menu, packed with all prohibition era drinks to tantalise your taste buds and sling shot you back nearly one hundred years to what paved the way for all of today’s favourite cocktails. To really get you into the swing of things we will be transforming the Shebeen bar and our bartenders will be dressed accordingly taking inspiration from the 1920s so we encourage you to do the same!

Get your Gatsby on and don't forget to mention the blind tiger!

We can’t wait to see you, so join the Facebook page  here .

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